Why The Firehose Project is the best online coding bootcamp

There are so many coding boot camps popping up everywhere and it makes it really difficult to choose the right one. Especially when most of them cost thousands of dollars. After starting and leaving 4 online boot camps and turning down 2 of the top in-person boot camps, I can 100% highly recommend The Firehose Project. This school is amazing on so many levels and I’m excited to tell you why.

What I was looking for in choosing the perfect school

  • Passionate mentors
  • Original curriculum
  • Founders who are passionate and know how to code
  • Keep my job while in school

That’s really not asking much and The Firehose Project has exceeded all expectations!

Passionate mentors

My mentor is amazing. He is patient and most importantly knows how to guide me towards the solution rather than just showing me the answer. We meet up on Skype once a week, 12 sessions in total. Together we pair program, going over any questions I have with quizzes, challenges, and projects. He also gives me homework assignments, which are usually sections of the curriculum.

Original curriculum

This is where they stand out from the rest. The founders, Ken and Marco are not only extremely passionate about coding, but they are heavily involved on a daily basis with the students. They also both have very successful backgrounds and they hold a wealth of knowledge.

Without going into too much depth, the curriculum consists of:

  • Building apps from day 1
  • Coding challenges
  • Quizes
  • Lightning talks
  • Weekly office hour meetings
  • Group project
  • Slack community
  • Google+ community
  • Tons of internal lecture videos
  • … and many other evolving bonuses

There is a free 2 week trial where you will probably learn more than any other tutorial. In fact, that’s what made me join without hesitation. I learned more in 2 weeks than I had in over 6 months of self study! They assume you know nothing about coding and teach you the why’s – the best part is they don’t forget that you’re new to this, so there’s no need to worry about getting completely lost. You don’t even need to give your credit card info.

Everyone should learn a computer language because it teaches you how to think.
-Steve Jobs

Keep your job while you learn

As I narrowed down my search for the ultimate coding boot camp it was a toss up between Dev Bootcamp in NYC and The Firehose Project (online).

Dev Bootcamp costs $14,000 + living expenses etc. for a 19 week in-person, 60 hrs/week boot camp. So you have to quit your job and hope that you land a job sooner than later. I was accepted into their program and I was pretty excited, but then I had many doubts about it being the right choice for me.

The Firehose Project costs $4,000 for a 15 week online boot camp. You can keep your job and learn the same skills you would learn at the other place, but for $10,000 less. One thing to note is you are not held to the 15 week time frame. It’s more self paced, but the mentor sessions are limited to 12 sessions – you can use them weekly or skip a week if you need to (not recommended).


If you’re looking for a school where you’ll feel confident about building apps before you even graduate, have support from real world coders who aren’t just entrepreneurs trying to cash in on the boot camp craze, and be a part of a community filled with awesome and helpful students, then The Firehose Project is a no brainer.

Post any questions below or share your experiences!

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